Life of fairies after Pixie Hollow

Salty water entered my mouth I got up clenching my eyes the water was very salty…..

I noticed all around myself there was a huge dreadful sea all sparking in blue colour…..

I wondered here and there but none was to be seen then I tried to get up but, then I comprehended that my whole body was lousy with pain. I wasn’t having more pixie dust to fly. I gathered all the strength and got up and said: FAITH TRUST AND PIXIE DUST! I seen  all my friends Elva Cristal Sapphire Sarah Melissa were running upto me me I recognized I was not alone but I was not knowing that this movement can be by last movement……..bcz when I seen carefully there were no friends but a big wave running towards me…….

I gave a cry of horror and ran from the shore with all my asset. At last I came near a tree and turned back to see where the wave was, I said thank god u saved my life. I then got up and pondered around I discerned that something was moving near the bushes I perceived it. It was a butterfly I gave an enormous yell:

Oh oh ! dear flutter spring ……………………………….

It was lying on the sandy surface I took it on the lap and gave him a pinch of pixie dust it woke up but he was hungry I whispered to him “yes dear u will get a lily petal” but then I realized I was not at my beloved home Pixie Hollow.

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Secret of the wings videos

Hey pixie pals. Sorry for my absence. But I found some cute videos from The Secret of the Wings that you may recognize from PH’s homepage. Hope you enjoy. 🙂






Fly with you later,


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Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Yes toady’s my birth day with addition with open day (result day). I am not at all satisfied with my marks. I thought its unit -test i can easily score above 90% but alas, i got only and only 88%. So sad but, as we all sing~                                                                                                                                                  “Let it go,let it go” and also “the past is in the past”

So, today’s my B’day my all friends are coming i am really missing you guys. It would be so nice if you all gather at my hose! but, its OK you know. Actually i am busy so cannot write much. But here’s the cake for you all~                                                                                                                                                                  rose-ombre-cake

Tell me in your comment is it tasty?

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I am leaving. :-)

Hello freinds i know reading the title you wil say~ Common now too much everyone is telling that she is leaving. I know this is damn bore idea. But do u know what i am going to  nineth standard so as i want to be a  gynecologist  i have to work very very hard. And concentrate on my studies so i have to leave. From 16th June my school will reopen and i am very very very excited for my first day of 9th and will start my journey towards Doctor. I post bad or good no one visits  my blogexcept Rose so nothing will change in your life’s all we be as it was! And i dont want to leave with ur wet eyes. So leave me happily specialy Rose Sap and if Cris. Will miss u guys i want to leave this blog as my Memory i will be ver delited to see it  i will feel very happy when i will see ur’s and mine chatting.I meet elva daily so no need include her. i am finishing by saying I LOVE U ROSE SAP AND CRIS.

Award function.

Hello every body wellcome to the next part of the party Award Function,hope u will enjoy!


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